Activities and Family Activities in South Carolina

South Carolina is a top destination for golf and water sports. The museums of the state capital, Columbia, are where South Carolina’s historical past can be researched, but Palmetto’s golf beginnings may be attributed to a group of Scottish merchants who founded the South Carolina Golf Club at Charleston in 1786.

The coastal areas of South Carolina are becoming a popular vacation destination and recreation area. Scuba divers are drawn to South Carolina to dive the variety of spots both offshore and in close. The Gulf Stream brings warm waters and lots of marine life fairly close by the coastline. Colorful fish can be found swimming among the natural ledges off Topsail Beach.

Whether it's wild adventure, relaxing wilderness or an island paradise you seek, this is the place to find it. Take off from work, and take on the scenic South Carolina Barbecue Trail. Skip town, and skip a rock across the tranquil waters of the Midlands lakes. Pack your bags and pack in entertainment for the whole family at the countless attractions in South Carolina. Getting the family together has never been simpler or more fun.

Families love the slides, splash rides, pools at local water parks and major hotels, and relaxing at the beach of Myrtle Beach. This is perfect for vacations with the kids, romantic getaways, golfing weekends, and fun trips with friends.

While Hilton Head Island doesn't have the glamorous stage shows of the Grand Strand, this low country paradise offers laid-back relaxation and smaller crowds.

Walking in some of South Carolina's 2,000-plus plantations is like entering a dream. The grand historic homes and spectacular grounds are scattered throughout the state. If you're planning a statewide plantation tour (or if you only have time for one stop), put Charleston at the top of the list as it is home to some of the state's most beautiful properties.

Golf Clubs in South Carolina

Golf Clubs

South Carolina is known for golf. Imagine playing golf in a pristine park setting, with no condominiums, houses, roads, or those penalizing out-of- are no adjacent fairways - just picturesque views of forests...
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Rock Climbing in South Carolina

Rock Climbing

South Carolina has plenty of flat land, but the upstate area containing some of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, provides a couple of areas with good climbing. Table Rock State Park offers...
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Theme Parks in South Carolina

Theme Parks

South Carolina has currently a number of exciting theme parks and thrill ride attractions in operation with ride ranging from classic family fun to modern thrills with top-notch technology.
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